Success Story: Michael Jones

Brief Bio

Michael is a forward-thinking innovator who goes the extra mile for everyone he works with. His vast knowledge and experience in the real estate field makes him a perfect fit for both buyers and sellers. And when he’s not helping someone buy or sell a home, he enjoys traveling, scuba diving and playing tennis.

Sales Associate,
Coldwell Banker King Thompson

Start Date:
April 2009


  • 2011 International Sterling Society
  • Top 10% in Columbus office
  • Nearly doubled his sales commissions YOY

I'm Michael Jones and this is my Coldwell Banker® success story.

When I purchased my first home, real estate went from an investment to a passion of mine. I found myself excited about every aspect of the field, so it only seemed natural as a career. It embodied everything that allows me to thrive – from interacting with people on a daily basis, to problem solving technical and general business elements.

Real Estate As A Profession

I was a successful agent in insurance sales for a national company before discovering real estate as a profession. When I found myself having to balance the two careers, I chose real estate because it offered me more of what I wanted in life – a flexible schedule, unlimited earning potential and the personal gratification I receive when helping others realize their dreams.

Best of all, it doesnʼt feel like a job when you love what you do, and success can happen naturally if you have:

  • The ability to multi-task
  • A discipline & commitment to those you represent
  • The ability to adapt to a situation

Having these traits and knowing how to combine them in a field that interests me is how Iʼve become successful.

My Coldwell Banker Experience

When it was time for me to take my real estate career to the next level I looked for a national brand, with a global presence and an established network – Coldwell Banker was my choice. The technology is cutting edge – if thereʼs something that can help grow my business, Coldwell Banker has it. For example, our leads management system connects me to interested buyers and sellers instantly. Also, Iʼm more than a real estate agent at my Coldwell Banker office. Here, I am a consultant who guides clients during every step of their real estate experience. Iʼm also an instructor to my colleagues – I run training sessions for those looking to hone their skills. Weʼre all family here, thatʼs what I love most about Coldwell Banker.

A United Nations of Real Estate

My network gives me an international presence, after all Coldwell Banker is a company with global connections. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell a home anywhere in the world, I can likely help. One of my most memorable closings was the sale of the mayorʼs home in Columbus to international diplomats. The whole experience made me feel like the Secretary-General, brokering a deal between two nations. So when the Coldwell Banker Office in Turks & Caicos follows me on Twitter, I instantly expand my network – and have a new destination to scuba dive!

That’s my formula for success. Join a Coldwell Banker office today and discover your own.

Professionals who represent buyers or sellers are commonly referred to as “real estate agents” in the United States and Canada. These individuals are licensed, independent contractors who affiliate their real estate license with a real estate brokerage in a particular market area.

Why Choose Coldwell Banker?

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  • “Breaking into the real estate field was difficult, but my success came naturally.”

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  • "I chose real estate because it offered me more of what i wanted in life – a flexible schedule, unlimited earning potential and the personal gratification i receive when helping others realize their dreams."

    Michael Jones  |  VIEW HIS STORY

  • "I wanted to surround myself with like-minded individuals who want to serve clients."

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  • "My previous company said we were in charge of our own destiny, but it felt like i was more going it alone."

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